I love it all

A combination of I Love My Stuff and I Love My Experiences so you can have the best of both worlds.

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Protect everything

Phone dropping to the ground.

i love my stuff

We're here to cover the things you can't live without. Break it. Drop it. Lose it. Spill on it. Get it stolen. We'll be there to help you carry on.

Suitcase with travel stickers.

i love my experiences

When life throws you travel mishaps that threaten to ruin your vacation, we’ll help you cover those unexpected expenses you now have to pay for.

Base coverage

Protecting your favorite things is important to you. Protecting you is important to us. So we’ve included these two categories at the base of every plan for just $6.75/mo.

Burgler mask icon to identify id fraud.

ID Fraud

If your identity is ever stolen, a lot of expenses can arise when trying to get it back. But don't fret. We'll help cover things like legal fees, income you miss out on while in court, or the expenses that come along with getting new identification.

up to $25,000

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Scales of justice icon to indicate liability.


For when you get a little clumsy, knock your buddy's TV off the wall, and you're responsible for paying to replace it. Or if crazy Karen dances on your coffee table, slips, hits her head, and sues you to pay for her medical expenses. Yikes. But we'll be there to help you cover those daunting expenses.

up to $100,000

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plan details

Protect more for less. We’ll cover you, your stuff, and your vacation mishaps for a low monthly rate.


Flat monthly rate

This is all you pay per month to cover yourself + your stuff + your experiences.


Coverage per category

(for stuff)

We'll cover up to $1,000 per claim.


Coverage per day

(for experiences)

We'll cover your mishaps up to $600 total per trip.

Zero deductible

Our plans are deductible free. Yup, you read that right.

Other Insurance

$250 Deductible


No Deductible

$500 Apple Watch
You get $250
You get $500
$750 Bike
You get $500
You get $750
$1,000 Electric Guitar
You get $750
You get $1,000